Property Preservation & Asset Management

Occupancy Status and Inspection Assurance, coupled with Accurate Damage Detection and Repair Costs.

FoxyAI allows Property Preservation and Asset Managers to capture process efficiencies and lower costs with automation, accuracy and validation saves.

FoxyAI’s technology suite has further increased the level of our quality control around occupancy verification and damages. Our clients view this capability as instrumental in accurately verifying results, and an essential piece of risk management.

Dan Leader, COO – Guardian Asset Management

How does FoxyAI Help?

By utilizing Computer Vision and visual Artificial Intelligence, FoxyAI can streamline and standardize your processes, enabling property asset managers to reap significant efficiency and cost savings.

Occupancy Detection

Ascertain and validate occupancy status of properties with an unprecedented level of operational efficiency and accuracy.

Inspection Validation

Ensure your inspector visited the property by digitally capturing, time-stamping, and analyzing images/media at key exterior points of the inspection, such as street signs, house numbers, and GPS location information.

Damage Detection & Repairs

Trigger repair work orders by identifying the presence and type of property damage quickly and automatically – both internal and external damage, such as mold and mildew, standing water– even minor cracks in a gutter.

Common Use Cases

Inspection Quality Control

Our models allow you to ensure inspectors actually visit your properties, digitally documenting the visit, so you never have to spend money on a second inspection unnecessarily.

Inspection & Damage Type

Our models quickly and easily inspect and assess the presence and type of damage to your properties.


Our technology accurately determines if a property is occupied – using your definition of “occupied”.

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