FoxyAI’s Models Accelerate ProxyPics’ Data Collection Process by 50%

Discover how integrating FoxyAI’s Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning and Computer Vision models into their API, optimized ProxyPics’ property inspection data collection processes, resulting in significant time savings.


Overall time savings during property inspections


Reduction in total hours spent collecting image data


Decrease in time spent protecting privacy through facial blurring

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Executive Summary

ProxyPics recognized the need to optimize their property inspection processes and evaluated two options: developing an in-house solution or integrating a software solution into their API that could automate their workflows.

After meeting with the FoxyAI team, ProxyPics was drawn to both the flexibility and innovation of their models as the solution they had been seeking. By leveraging FoxyAI’s Machine Learning and Computer Vision models, ProxyPics was able to achieve incredible time savings and increased efficiency in their data collection process—ultimately allowing them to facilitate significantly faster inspections for their customers.

The Client

ProxyPics is a patented, on-demand photography system that provides location-specific Real Estate appraisal and inspection media and data in under 24 hours, nationwide. By tapping into the gig economy, ProxyPics created a network of 75,000 “Proxies” ready to collect the data needed—day or night—at the intersection of hybrid appraisals and inspection. Users can combine their photos with custom questionnaires and a wide range of valuation products to improve efficiency while processing time-sensitive information.

I guarantee if we have this conversation a year from now, we’ll easily double or triple how we’re leveraging [FoxyAI’s] CV and ML... and allows our team to spend less time in the borrowers’ houses, but fast toward a year from now—there are going to be things that we’re using it for that I’d never think we could use it for.

Luke Tomaszewski,,

Founder and CEO of ProxyPics

The Challenge

Prior to utilizing FoxyAI’s models, ProxyPics relied on a manual data collection process to complete inspections. Their proxies were required to physically walk through properties, capturing necessary photos and filling out detailed property questionnaires using dropdown menus—one answer at a time.

ProxyPics recognized the need for a more efficient and effective solution. They sought to integrate a robust Computer Vision and AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) solution into their proprietary system to automate their property inspection processes, reducing the time and effort required by data collectors in the field. By integrating FoxyAI’s models, ProxyPics was able to achieve this goal—resulting in a significant improvement to their data collection process.

The Solution

ProxyPics was drawn to FoxyAI’s solutions because they found the team and solutions to be innovative, while the models also stood out as flexible and able to help them streamline their processes.

Using FoxyAI’s AI/ML and Computer Vision models, they achieved:

Improved Data Quality

FoxyAI’s Computer Vision and Machine Learning automated the work that data collectors were doing in the field. For example, pre-selecting answers to questionnaires instead of requiring them to manually select each answer.

Monetary Savings and Margin Impact

Instead of having to spend time and money building an in-house solution, API integration of FoxyAI’s models proved to be the cost-efficient choice—while also making it nearly effortless for ProxyPics to improve their processes and accelerate their inspections.

Time Savings

With FoxyAI’s Machine Learning and Computer Vision models in place, ProxyPics was able to achieve significant time savings in the data collection process, while also enhancing property inspection process efficiencies—leading to smoother inspections, completed faster.

Excellent Support

ProxyPics was impressed by the FoxyAI team’s agility in providing robust solutions that continue to meet the specific needs of their business.

ProxyPics is extremely pleased with how FoxyAI’s AI/ML and Computer Vision models have helped them reduce time spent in the field and significantly accelerate the data collection process. They are preparing to implement FoxyAI’s solutions in their review process as well, which is projected to save their team even more time and allow them to add to their bottom line.