Guardian Asset Management Cuts Quality Control Effort by 50% Using FoxyAI’s Computer Vision Models

Learn how FoxyAI’s models allowed Guardian Asset Management to transform their QC process, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


Reduction in quality control efforts


Elimination of inspector callbacks to property sites

7.5 million

Images processed through FoxyAI’s models monthly

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Guardian Asset Management is a property management company serving diverse clients with comprehensive property maintenance and management services.

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Executive Summary

Guardian Asset Management partnered with FoxyAI with the goal of optimizing their property inspection processes and, subsequently, reducing the time and resources spent on quality control. By leveraging FoxyAI’s Computer Vision models and FoxyAI Quality Control Solutions (QCS), Guardian was able to effectively streamline their quality control process—reducing effort spent by 50% and saving millions in the process. In addition, Guardian improved quality control, property inspections, and operational standardization—resulting in enhanced accuracy and significant cost savings.

The Company

Guardian Asset Management is a property management company that provides a full suite of services to manage and maintain properties, including inspections, preservation, maintenance, marketing, hazard claim services, and appraisals.

Founded in 2007, Guardian Asset Management has successfully managed and protected more than 100,000 properties in the United States, including assets held by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, federal, state, local government agencies, mortgage servicers, and private mortgage banks throughout the country.

FoxyAI’s AI & technology solution suite has further increased the level of our quality control around
occupancy verification and damages. Our clients view this capability as instrumental in accurately verifying results and an essential piece of risk management.

Dan Leader,

COO of Guardian Asset Management

The Challenge

Guardian recognized the need to streamline its inspection processes and automate image verification in order to enhance quality control, increase actionable data, and standardize their operations.

To achieve these goals, Guardian sought a AI & technology partner capable of adhering to their established definitions (e.g. what is Guardian’s definition of “Occupancy”), and delivering advanced AI-based Computer Vision models to improve upon their existing methods. Furthermore, they prioritized a partner with Real Estate industry expertise to ensure seamless integration with the inspector workflow.

The Solution

After exploring partnerships with other technology providers, FoxyAI emerged as the ideal technology partner. With its deep understanding of the Real Estate industry and advanced Computer Vision capabilities, FoxyAI brought a unique set of capabilities to the table.

By employing a combination of FoxyAI’s General, Exterior, Interior, Damage, and Renovation & Repair Models in both the front and back-end of their inspection process, Guardian was able to:

Enhance Quality Control

FoxyAI’s Computer Vision models accurately validate occupancy, identify property damage, and pinpoint necessary repairs—all while remaining aligned with Guardian’s strict definitions. As a result, the speed and quality of this process were improved.

Significantly Reduce Timelines and Cost

Guardian reduced time spent on quality control efforts and eliminated the time-consuming task of inspector callbacks by leveraging FoxyAI’s models to analyze property images. This streamlined process resulted in substantial time and cost savings, freeing up valuable resources for other critical tasks.

Overcome Processing Limitations

By utilizing FoxyAI’s Computer Vision models, Guardian successfully mitigated the inherent constraints associated with manual image verification—allowing them to process more than 7.5 million inspector photos on a monthly basis.

Standardize Operations

FoxyAI’s models empowered Guardian to establish standardized operations throughout their property management procedures. From consistent image labeling to precise scene and room identification, the models ensured a unified approach to occupancy detection and property damage assessment, enhancing overall operational consistency.

FoxyAI’s Computer Vision models revolutionized Guardian’s inspection processes, delivering a drastic 50% reduction in time and saving millions of dollars.

Guardian looks forward to continuing to be on the cutting edge of AI’s advent into the Real Estate arena through its use of FoxyAI’s Computer Vision solutions and models.