Appraisal Companies

Standardize Workflows, Automate Tasks, Accelerate and Improve Productivity, and Reduce Inadvertent Bias.

FoxyAI helps Appraisal Companies empower and fortify their appraisers by streamlining the residential Real Estate appraisal process, automating complex administrative tasks, and using AI-driven checks, significantly reducing appraisal times.

Using FoxyAI in the field has cut our appraisal times by 40%.

Bill Y. Chief Appraisal Officer, National Appraisal Company

How does FoxyAI Help?

With FoxyAI, your appraisers can transform how they work. 

Valuation & Condition

Automatically analyze and score the property based on images and/or media of the interior and exterior and quickly assess valuation, accounting for property condition and detect and estimate repair costs for any damage.

Documenting the Detail

Instantly and consistently document and label the features of the property.

Real-Time Analysis

Effortlessly integrate appraiser data into your proprietary systems for actionable analytics and insight.

Common Use Cases

Automatically Tag & Label

Our models allow appraisers to automatically and consistently tag and label photos by room type, scene perspective – including identification of materials and finishes. Appraisers don’t have to manually review photos.

Comparable Searches

Our technology allows you to search recently sold homes in like-areas with similar characteristics.

Cost-based Appraising

Our models can determine how to adjust property values consistent with local and neighborhood context.

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