FoxyAI’s solutions use Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to instantly provide actionable data and insights from visual media.

The FoxyAI platform provides customers with subscription access to a continuously growing library of Machine Learning and Computer Vision models built specifically for the Real Estate industry

Customers can use their API credits included in their monthly subscription to consume any of the models in the library to meet their needs and access the intrinsic value held in Real Estate photos and media.

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How they work

FoxyAI Room Classification
Foxy AI Scene Classification
FoxyAI Scene Classification
FoxyAI Condition Score
FoxyAI Object Detection
FoxyAI Image Quality
FoxyAI Finish Detection
FoxyAI Quality Score
FoxyAI Renovation & Repair
FoxyAI Sale Signs
FoxyAI Visual Search
FoxyAI Mold, Mildew and Moss
FoxyAI Detailed Damage Detection
FoxyAI Detailed Damage Detection

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