Revolutionizing Real Estate Intelligence with Generative AI


Welcome to the Future of Real Estate Intelligence

FoxyAI is proud to introduce FoxyAI-GPT, a new way to search, analyze, and understand properties using visual and textual data made especially for Real Estate professionals.

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Discover Endless Property Research Capabilities with FoxyAI-GPT

FoxyAI-GPT expands the scope of Real Estate research, allowing users to extract insights from photos and text in new and flexible ways.


Unlike standard models, in which results are confined to predefined classes based on the model used, FoxyAI-GPT provides the capability for virtually any query across your Real Estate datasets.

From searching for a variety of specific objects like garden fountains, double-strapped water heaters, candelabra chandeliers, and even ceramic cookie jars, to re-searching abstract concepts like looking for factors to rule out appraisal bias, now there is an option to use FoxyAI-GPT for whatever specific insight is required.

Unlock Unprecedented Flexibility in Property Search and Analysis

From pinpointing specific features to uncovering emerging trends, FoxyAI-GPT offers groundbreaking capabilities tailored to meet your unique property research needs. Explore just a few of the virtually unlimited use cases below to learn how FoxyAI-GPT is setting new standards in property intelligence and search functionality.


Search for Specific Features

Looking for a home with a stone lion garden fountain in the backyard? FoxyAI-GPT takes property searching to a new level of specificity. No longer confined by conventional limitations, you can now intelligently search for homes with the exact features you desire.


Find Similar Properties

Upload a reference image, and let FoxyAI-GPT find similar properties or features. This functionality is especially useful for appraising properties that don’t fit the typical mold, allowing for more accurate evaluations.


Stay Up to Date on Trends

By analyzing a stream of recent images, the system can detect shifting preferences—like increasing interest in open-plan kitchens or a decline in carpeted floors—so Real Estate professionals can predict and adapt.