Why Does Real Estate Need Visual Property Intelligence?

Jul 25, 2019

Computer vision is on the very edge of changing the home buying experience dramatically. The use of images to help value properties and assist both buyers and investors in searches will help in many ways, especially as the technology matures.

Foxy AI solves a crucial problem in real estate by leveraging new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide Visual Property Intelligence and unlock the hidden value of your real estate photos.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is training a computer algorithm to interpret and understand images and videos. This technology has been around in some form since the 1950s. In recent years, the development of deep learning models and the ability to effectively manage large databases of images has made it evolve at an unprecedented pace.

Utilizing new deep learning algorithms, computer vision can be used for a variety of applications including facial recognition, image moderation, identifying defects in the factory, and conducting insurance assessments.

The wide variety of applications and the continued improvement of the technology show promise for the real estate industry.

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