Introducing FoxyAI-GPT: Revolutionizing Real Estate with Visual & Textual Mastery

Aug 18, 2023

By Vin Vomero, CEO FoxyAI


Out-of-the-box GPT solutions are amazing for general use cases, but as many have learned from using models like ChatGPT, they cannot be expected to accommodate the nuances of every industry without explicit fine-tuning. For example, general solutions have limited knowledge of home layouts, damage types, appraisal categories, and many things our customers work with on a daily basis. We saw a need and decided to build our own—FoxyAI-GPT.

FoxyAI-GPT revolutionizes how we search, analyze, and understand properties. It’s not just about reading descriptions anymore—it’s about understanding property imagery at an unparalleled scale. FoxyAI-GPT is a multimodal Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) model that’s been trained on an extensive array of textual and visual Real Estate data.


A multimodal model is a machine learning system designed to process and integrate multiple types of data—such as text, images, and sound—simultaneously. With FoxyAI-GPT, the horizon of Real Estate searches expands far beyond traditional text-based queries. Now, users can extract insights from photos in new ways without having to use a specific Computer Vision model(s) if they choose, or even use images as search queries. 


FoxyAI-GPT enables our customers to search for virtually anything in their Real Estate datasets. Gone are the days of being confined to a discrete number of classes that are bound by a Computer Vision model’s predefined classes. Imagine searching your imagery for anything you want, from specific objects like smoke detectors to abstract concepts like factors in appraisal bias. 


Looking for homes with bay windows, a specific tile pattern in the bathroom, a fountain, or a particular type of garden layout? Or how about homes that have severe roof damage? Not a problem. Searches are no longer limited by pre-defined search criteria on Real Estate websites.


Want to find similar properties? Simply upload a reference image and let FoxyAI-GPT find matching properties or features. This is especially useful for appraising unique homes that don’t fit the typical mold.


Want to find out what is trending? Real Estate professionals can stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging visual trends in property listings. By feeding FoxyAI-GPT a stream of recent property images, the model can highlight evolving preferences—like a surge in open-plan kitchens or a decline in carpeted floors. Agents can then tailor their property staging or marketing strategies to match these trends.


Want to find out how much a renovation to your home will cost? Homeowners contemplating renovations can even provide images of their current spaces and describe desired changes. FoxyAI-GPT can then suggest potential improvements, showing how these changes might look and even estimating increases in property value based on similar renovations it’s encountered.


In a previous blog, “Imagining Real Estate In The Age of AI”, I discussed multimodal models like GPT-4 and how they will have far-reaching implications in Real Estate. The integration of textual and visual data within FoxyAI-GPT heralds a new era in Real Estate Intelligence. It’s not just about data anymore; it’s about a deep, multifaceted understanding of properties, bridging the gap between what we say and what we see. This innovative model stands ready to redefine how we interact with Real Estate data for the better. 


Welcome to the future of Real Estate Intelligence. The possibilities are endless.