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Elevating Property Appraisals with Computer Vision

Catch Vin Vomero on “Appraisers on Purpose” where he breads down the hows and whys of AI and Machine Learning in Real Estate. See how embracing tech can lead to sharper, faster property evaluations and learn how you can shape the future of your own appraisal practice.

Apr 24, 2024

Rethinking Our Approach to Appraisal Quality

Gain valuable insights into setting goals for elevating appraisal quality and understand why taking proactive measures in technology adoption and process improvement is essential.

Apr 12, 2024

Shaping the Future of Real Estate: Navigating the New Frontier of AI Governance and Innovation

The recent announcement by Vice President Kamala Harris with new requirements for how federal agencies use AI technology marks a significant advancement in the United States’ approach to artificial intelligence (AI) governance. This development, led by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), introduces the government’s first comprehensive policy aimed at mitigating AI risks, mainly to prevent AI from being used in discriminatory ways, while maximizing its benefits. This policy encompasses a wide range of directives aimed at enhancing AI safety, privacy, equity, and innovation across federal agencies.

Apr 02, 2024
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Understanding Precision and Recall in Machine Learning

Dive into the balance between precision & recall in AI, essential for optimal model performance.

Mar 29, 2024
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Virtual Real Estate Tours Gain Traction Amid Continued Surge in All-Cash Sales

PropTech startups, harnessing the power of technology, are helping to accelerate change in real estate practices, offering innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of buyers, sellers and investors.

Mar 22, 2024
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Local real estate companies using AI for data mining, virtual staging and marketing tools

See why the Real Estate industry is increasingly utilizing computer vision tools like FoxyAI to get back to “what selling real estate is all about”.

Mar 18, 2024
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Real Estate Frustration Leads to Valuation Innovation

In the real estate business, how a property looks has a big impact on how potential buyers make a decision.

Feb 26, 2024

Drawing the Digital Line: California’s Bold Move to Watermark AI and Protect Reality

Feb 16, 2024
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FoxyAI Secures HousingWire 2024 Tech100 Real Estate Award for Third Consecutive Year

FoxyAI, the B2B PropTech leader in real estate
visualization and property intelligence, proudly announces its latest win of the HousingWire
2024 Tech100 Real Estate Award for the third consecutive year.

Feb 07, 2024

ICE Mortgage Technology Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Home Valuation

Valuation pros are tasked with being independent and objective. How can AI assist lenders and investors in making more accurate property valuations?

Jan 31, 2024
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