What Is The True Value of AI?

Dec 12, 2019

Yesterday, I was having a very engaging call with a prospect who brought up something I had never considered before.

We were discussing the use of Foxy AI’s computer vision tools for saving time in her workflow when she mentioned a concept I had not previously considered. That concept is task switching, also known as set-shifting.

The concept states that switching from task A to task B not only incurs a time cost, the time it takes to complete task B, but it also incurs a switch cost.

“This disruption is characterized by a slower performance and decrease in accuracy on a given task A on a trial that follows the performance of a different task B… The difference in accuracy and performance between [the original task] and a task switch (A-B) is known as the switch cost.”

Often, the time it takes for your brain to get back to performing task A at the same level as before the switch is much longer than the time cost.

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