Back by Popular Demand – Use FoxyAI’s Award Winning AI to Spookify Your Home!

Oct 20, 2023

By The FoxyAI Team


Happy Halloween!


It is that Time of Year

Last year, we introduced “Spookify Your Home” for Halloween which was inspired by the industry’s advances in Naturally Supervised Image and Language AI models.



Let FoxyAI Spookify your House!

Our application above allows users to supply a house photo that inspires the artificial intelligence to generate a “spookified,” Halloween-themed picture version. Samples of these art masterpieces, instantly drawn by AI, are showcased below.


The AI behind FoxyAI Spookify

How does this work?

The Naturally Supervised Image + Language AI model we used for FoxyAI Spookify is a product called Stable Diffusion, courtesy of Stability AI. The user uploads an image, and FoxyAI inputs a text prompt behind the scenes, to “spookify” the photo. Stable Diffusion then outputs an original, never before seen artistic synthesis of the text prompt + image. 


Folks frequently ask, “How much does the algorithm favor the image input vs. the text input?” This is a controllable factor. Stable Diffusion can be set to favor the original image and only slightly “spookify” the supplied image. Alternatively, we can shift the scale to favor the prompt input and create a very spooky image that is only loosely inspired by the original image. 


What is so cool about Naturally Supervised Image + Language AI Models?

What is most impressive about naturally supervised image + language AI models is their versatility and generalizability across use cases.

By “learning” the patterns from images and text groupings scraped from the internet, the AI has a general understanding of the image.

For example, one can query any variety of text prompts to determine what is in a photo. Does a photo contain a house on a waterfront or a space shuttle? The answer to this question can be reliably determined from one general AI model, e.g., Google’s CoCa or from FoxyAI-GPT which we launched earlier this year which was specifically developed for Real Estate applications.   


The possibilities go on, and on, and on…..


Happy Halloween Everyone – from the FoxyAI team!