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FoxyAI Unveils FoxyAI-GPT: A Generative AI Model Designed to Revolutionize Real Estate Research and Analysis

Sep 12, 2023
Foxy AI

Real Estate’s AI Experts Reinforce their Commitment to Innovation by Introducing the Latest Frontier in Generative AI Technology

NEW YORK, NY – September 14, 2023 – FoxyAI, a PropTech leader in real estate visualization and property intelligence, proudly announces the launch of FoxyAI-GPT, a highly specialized generative AI model poised to redefine the real estate industry. With unrivaled expertise in artificial intelligence and real estate, FoxyAI continues its mission to deliver practical and effective solutions to real estate professionals.

While off-the-shelf GPT solutions have proven their utility in general applications, they often fall short when handling the specific nuances of different industries, including real estate. FoxyAI recognized this gap and developed FoxyAI-GPT to address the industry-specific challenges real estate professionals face. 

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