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Announcing Specialized Property Intelligence Tools for Municipal Tax Appraisers

Aug 09, 2022
Foxy AI

Foxy AI Announces Specialized Property Intelligence Tools for Municipal Tax Appraisers to Increase Appraisal Accuracy and Decrease Man-Hours

NEW YORKAug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FoxyAI, a B2B PropTech leader in real estate visualization and property intelligence, today announced the launch of its Specialized Property Intelligence Tools for Municipal Tax Appraisers. FoxyAI’s tools help municipalities and tax assessing entities to automate property quality classifications, generate efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve quality assurance.

In its latest use case, FoxyAI teamed up with the Williamson County, TX (“Wilco”), Central Appraisal District to help this District automate the reviewing, grading, and recording of its entire county’s residential property to reassess taxes. Using existing photos of homes labeled with the “Quality Class” assigned by Wilco County assessors, Wilco’s Central Appraisal office used the “FoxyAI Quality Score” model to verify the accuracy of assessor-scored quality classes on photos of over 160,000 parcels in the county.

On employing the FoxyAI tools, Alvin Lankford, Chief Appraiser, Williamson Central Appraisal District, said, “The use of FoxyAI made reviewing large groups of properties faster, avoided over $900,000 in expense, and saved over 36,000 hours of physical driving and review time. And, FoxyAI’s Models have allowed us to provide a more equitable and fair roll.”

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